1. People’s Choice Awards 2014

  2. womenneverreallyfaint:

    "I know he can be aggravating, but what you have to remember is that he’s not doing it on purpose. It’s just how he is. But he’s also loyal and trustworthy and we have fun together."

  3. 7 April 2014

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    He just gave…

  4. bigbangsheldon:

    2010 > 2013 > 2014

  5. Sara Gilbert opens up about the emotional roller coaster she went through when discovering her sexuality while dating Johnny Galecki [x]

  6. tbbt couples

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    TBBT cast supporting Jim at the Award shows.

  8. 7 April 2014

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    L/P smiling at each other :) <3

  9. bigbangsheldon:

    Kaley Cuoco for Cosmo May 2014.